This is the Shoal Register. It lists all of the registered shoals, the alphas that are in charge, the owners that maintain them, and links to their pages. Registering your shoal is REQUIRED if you want to participate in special sales that I may hold for shoal owners. To register your shoal, send me an email listing the alpha names and ID#s, name and link to your shoal, and include your name that you would like to appear on the records.

Shoal Name Alpha Male Alpha Female Owner
Dark Mystery Shoal Dark Side Warrior Dark Rose DrkJediGrrl
Orchard Blossom Shoal Torendy Appare Yuiven
Rothley Pike Shoal Thorpike Anastasio Credo
Ruby Valley Shoal Harmony Snowbird Red
Shoal of Silver Mists Lyric Marrin Red
Soft Mists Shoal BaniBeari Lemondrops Kari
Ten'oio Lepaori Shoal Drac Angel Reyana


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