Welcome to my personal shoal, the Dark Mystery Shoal. These lepaori are mine. They are NOT for sale. They help me with everything that I do here at Lepaori Shoal, whether it's organizing the breedings or raising the foals. The male lepaori of my shoal will also act as studs for Selective Breeding for a small stud fee.
Every one of my personal lepaori are guest colored. I did not color any of these for myself. If I ever breed any of them for some foals of my own, the foals will be guest colored as well.

Name: Dark Rose
ID#: lp30-11
Gender: Female
Color: Rose Red
Genes: b, l
Role: Alpha Female
Special: Silver bracelets and tail cuff;
Rose tattoo
Colored by: Redbrindlehound

Name: Dark Side Warrior
ID#: lp32-03
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Warning
Genes: rt, r
Role: Alpha Male
Special: Tribal tattoos
Colored by: Mouse

Name: Blood Snow
ID#: lp30-13
Gender: Female
Color: Tribe's Blood
Genes: b, l, f
Role: Seer
Special: Gold dreadlock cuff w/ blue feather ornament;
Gold tail cuff and bracelet
Colored by: Reyana

Name: SnowSpyrit
ID#: lp02-07
Gender: Female
Color: White Snow
Genes: no mutations
Role: Healer
Colored by: Raja

Name: Aqua Sprite
ID#: lp30-28
Gender: Male
Color: Poseidon's Sea
Genes: rt, r
Role: Hunter
Special: Tribal tattoos
Colored by: Mouse

Name: Cocoa
ID#: lp30-34
Gender: Female
Color: Teddy Bear
Genes: m
Role: Record Keeper
Colored by: Fether

Name: Tigger
ID#: lp34-02
Gender: Male
Color: Party Animal
Genes: r
Role: Entertainer
Note: This was a gift for my 19th birthday!
Colored by: Reyana

Name: Dark Star
ID#: lp35-01
Gender: Male
Color: Strobe Light
Genes: b
Role: Assistant to the Alphas
Parents: Dark Rose x Dark Side Warrior
(lp30-11 x lp32-03)
Colored By: Red

Name: Whirling Dervish
ID#: lp39-08
Gender: Male
Color: Wind God
Genes: r
Role: Lookout
Special: Blue tail cuff; tribal tattoos like his daddy
Parents: SnowSpyrit x Aqua Sprite
(lp02-07 x lp30-28)
Colored By: Mouse

Name: Crouching Leopard
ID#: lp41-02
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Kitten
Genes: b, l, i
Role: Stalker (He stalks the little critters during hunts. ^.^)
Colored By: Red

Name: Merlot
ID#: lp49-07
Gender: Female
Color: Ash Wine
Genes: no mutations
Role: Night Guard (No wonder she's always asleep... o.O)
Colored By: Reyana

Name: Debauchle
ID#: lp51-03
Gender: Male
Color: Demonflight
Genes: r, rt, d
Role: Flying Hunter
Colored By: Lakota

Name: Snow Stain
ID#: lp53-04
Gender: Male
Color: Death
Genes: r, rt, d
Role: Flight Teacher
Colored By: Mouse

Name: Kanji
ID#: lp53-09
Gender: Male
Color: Mixed Messages
Genes: r
Role: Foreign Language Scribe
Colored By: Mouse

Name: Kattakana
ID#: lp53-10
Gender: Female
Color: The Written Word
Genes: m
Role: Foreign Affairs
Colored By: Mouse

Name: Lepra
ID#: lp54-01
Gender: Female
Color: Snowcat
Genes: m
Role: Foal Sitter
Colored By: Red

Name: Zero
ID#: splp04-01
Gender: Male
Color: Berzerker Blond
Genes: l, m
Role: Maverick Hunter
Note: X (brown lep) belongs to Lakota

Special Stuff

Red gave the shoal a flying pig for a pet!

Shoal Information

Dark Rose ~ Alpha Female
Dark Side Warrior ~ Alpha Male
Blood Snow ~ Seer
SnowSpyrit ~ Healer
Cocoa ~ Record Keeper
Aqua Sprite ~ Hunter
Tigger ~ Entertainer
Dark Star ~ Assistant
Whirling Dervish ~ Lookout
Crouching Leopard ~ Stalker
Merlot ~ Night Guard
Debauchle ~ Flying Hunter
Snow Stain ~ Flight Teacher
Kanji ~ Foreign Language Scribe
Kattakana ~ Foreign Affairs
Lepra ~ Foal Sitter
Zero ~ Maverick Hunter

Dark Rose & Dark Side Warrior
SnowSpyrit & Aqua Sprite
Kattakana & Kanji
Crouching Leopard & Lepra

Dark Star
(Dark Rose x Dark Side Warrior)

Whirling Dervish
(SnowSpyrit x Aqua Sprite)


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