Genes and Mutations

Merigold's Ophilia

The mane gene causes a mid-length mane to grow on a lepaori. Normal lepaori do not have manes.

Credo's Xuan

The long gene causes a floor-length tail to grow, instead of the normal mid-length tail. The l gene does not affect the m gene.

Mouse's Kitsune

The fox tail gene causes a bushy fox tail to grow. The fox tail usually has a tip that is a different color than the rest of the tail. Both a female and a male can be carriers of this gene, but it will only affect the female.

Credo's Nera Sola

The bobble gene causes a very short, but thick and oily mane to grow. As the mane grows, the high concentration of oils makes the hair form into firm balls that reach about the size of grapes.

Raja's Holly

When both the l and b genes are inherited, the l gene will affect the b gene. The hair will still be thick and oily, but instead of growing in small balls along the neck, two patches of hair will grow from behind the ears. The result is two long dreadlocks. Because of the effects which the l and b genes have on each other, there can never be a bobbled lepaori with a long tail, or a dreadlock leapori with a short tail.

Credo's Anastasio

The feathered gene causes feathered wings to develop. These are very strong and allow the lepaori to fly.

Merigold's Bara

This is a variation of the feathered gene.

Drago's Fili

The dragon gene causes leathery dragon wings to develop. These are also strong enough to allow the lepaori to fly.

Reyana's Burgandy

The insect gene causes two sets of wings ressembling those of a dragonfly to develop. Unlike the feathered and dragon wings, these wings are not strong enough to support a lepaori's body weight, and thus an i-gene lepaori cannot fly, but only hover for a short amount of time.

Mouse's Raptor

The ridge gene causes thick bony plates to grow along the back of the neck. Both a male and female can be carriers of this gene, but it will only affect the male.

Kreedan's Trailblaze

The rat tail gene causes a fleshy tail to grow. This tail is prehensile and can manipulate objects. It is also suspected to help a lepaori balance better when leaping or climbing.

Reyana's Firestarter

The tiny gene causes the lepaori to be smaller than other lepaori. The gene will subsequently affect all other genes as well.

Credo's Kaija Maka

The horn gene is very rare and usually only occurs once in one hundred births. It causes a hard bony horn to grow from a lepaori's forehead. This horn is hard enough to break rock.

Mouse's Grasshopper

There is a new trend among the lepaori of shaving off their tails. Perhaps it's the wind on their bare backs, or the freedom of no tail, but quite a few are doing it. Obviously, a rat tail leppie or a fox tail leppie could not do so, but leps with long or regular tails quite often choose to chop them off.


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